How to support small businesses this Christmas

How to support small businesses this Christmas

So you couldn’t make it to Greece this year, but you still want to support the Greek economy? We’ve got you covered! Ionian Kind can bring a piece of Greece to your doorstep without you ever having to leave the comfort of your own home. With the holiday season fast approaching, what better place to start looking for gifts for your loved ones? 

Born out of a passion for promoting Ionian brands and supporting the Greek economy at little cost to the local environment, Ionian Kind is an online homeware and fashion marketplace which partners with eco-friendly and ethical brands from the Ionian Islands. From olive soap to ceramics and soy wax scented candles to handmade bags, there is something for everyone at Ionian Kind – and, for those that missed their Greek island holiday this year, there’s sure to be something to fill the void. 

Each product, tied in some way to Greek culture and heritage, can help to make up for not having been able to physically travel to Greece this year. For example, the abundant olive groves on Corfu are vital in the production of The Governor Olive Oil, one of the healthiest and tastiest extra virgin olive oils in the world. Whenever you use your product, you’ll be reminded of Greece; and this will hopefully tide you over until you can next make your trip. 

By shopping at Ionian Kind, you’re not only guaranteed an unique and characterful product which has been lovingly crafted in Greece, but you’re also helping to support sustainable, eco-conscious brands. To name just two of the innovative ways that our brands limit their impact on the environment, Salty Bag makes stylish, luxury bags out of decommissioned sails and Patounis Olive Soap creates each product by hand, using the same method as they did when they were founded in 1850. 

If the above reasons weren’t enough to convince you where to shop for your Christmas gifts, you’ll also be helping to support the livelihoods of Greek artisans and the Greek economy in general. Buying their products will also help to keep alive the traditional, culturally-significant methods by which they were made, and ensure that they continue to be taught to future generations. 

There are endless reasons to shop at Ionian Kind – so what are you waiting for? With 18 days to go until Christmas, head to now to find timeless, one-of-a-kind pieces for your loved ones.