About Elina Comninou Corfu

Welcome to Elina Comninou Corfu, a personal blog, Greek travel guide service and freelance marketing consultancy with a simple aim of sharing a love of Corfu and Greece. 

Elina Comninou Corfu (formally known as KittyKittyJones.com) was founded by myself, Elina Comninou, in 2014 and motivated by a love of the Ionian, and a passion for all things marketing. As half Corfiot and currently living between Corfu and Athens, I spent my childhood years on the Island of Corfu and continue to explore and share my travel expertise for visitors of Greece’s greenest island. 

As well as sharing unique experiences and sharing travel tips and guides for Corfu, Elina Comninou Corfu works with brands and businesses to improve their marketing and social media strategies, whilst promoting the best of the island. Promoting local businesses, sustainability and eco-friendliness are also at the very core of our values. 

With a wealth of knowledge for the island, Elina is able to offer aspiring visitors guidance and concierge services – working closely with local vendors to create your ideal holiday. Whether you are an individual planning a holiday, a company looking to book a retreat, or a business seeking to improve its marketing why not reach out via the contact page and see what Elina Comninou can do for you.

See a full list of Elina Comninou Corfu services via the Services page – including marketing strategies, social media and translation (Greek to English).