Rainy days in Corfu need not be wasted!

Rainy days in Corfu need not be wasted!

Did you know that we once had hippos in Corfu?

March, generally the cheapest month to fly to Corfu, is a great time to visit the island. Days are lengthening, temperatures warming and flowers emerging as spring approaches, but with the change of seasons comes the possibility of rain! 

As regular visitors of the island will know, when it rains in Corfu, often it pours. And while we are grateful for the lush vegetation that results from these downpours, it is true that it can be less than ideal for exploring the island. 

Be like the hippo, however, and embrace the water! Activities for rainy days abound – think of these days as opportunities to get around the island’s fantastic range of galleries and museums! 

A highlight has to be Corfu’s Archaeological Museum, which reopened its doors in 2018 following nearly six years of renovations. No more spoilers from me – go and see some of the island’s treasures (hippo related and otherwise) for yourself!